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tv   KPIX 5 News at 630pm  CBS  April 26, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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works with us, works for us doesn't matter." 1:09:33 the coach for the los angel clippers reacts to reports e team's owner made some highy it's disturbing, listen it's disturbing to hear from anybody. it doesn't matter if he works with us or for us. it doesn't matter. >> the coach for the los angeles clippers reacts to reports the team's owner made some highly controversial and racist remarks. good evening, i'm ann
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notarangelo. >> and i'm brian hackney. anger, frustration and calls for action are resonating throughout the nba tonight after an audio reporting surfaced of a -- recording surfaced of a man identified as clippers' owner donald sterling telling his girlfriend not to bring black people to games. don knapp has team reaction. >> reporter: brian search minutes of the recorded racist rant threatened to overshadow the games. the excellents are being called offensive -- excellents are being called unacceptable and there are calls for an immediate investigation and even a boycott of the la clippers. before the clippers began practice at the usf gym today, they met with coach doc rivers and talked about racist comments attributed to their team's owner donald sterling. >> a lot of guys voiced their opinions. none of them were happy about it. this is a situation where we're trying to go after something very important for us. something that we've all dreamed about all our child
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hoods. and you know donald or anyone else had nothing to do with that dream and we're not going to let anything get in the way of the dreams. >> a recording supposedly the voices of sterling and girlfriend argue over the instagram picture of her with magic johnson. >> people call you and tell you that i have black people on my instagram. and it bothers you. >> yeah it bothers me a lot if you want -- to broadcast that you're associating with black people. i'm just saying and you're -- instagram. you don't have to have yourself with walking with black people. you don't have to -- >> magic johnson tweeted that he will never go to a clippers' game again as long as sterling is the owner. >> why are you owning a team in the nba which is what over 70% african-american basketball players? i think hee should step down. >> the disturbing words come as the clippers face the warriors
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in the first round of playoffs leading to the nba championship. and rivers says it's troubling to all members of the team. >> we have white guy two white guys on here. it's about being humans. and you know so -- we're not going to get to what race we are because we represent each other. and this is our team. and that's the way we're going to keep it. and no one was happy about it. j.j. redick was just as pissed as chris paul. >> chris pale said the -- paul said the players wouldn't comment but one said -- >> when i step on the court, it's easy man. i play basketball. that's what i'm here to do. >> reporter: in response to the recording clippers' president andy rosier and a released statement said we don't know if it's legitimate or it's been altered. we do believe the woman on the tape is the defendant in a lawsuit brought by the sterling family alleging she embezzled
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more than $1.8 million. reporting live in the newsroom, i'm don knapp. and just minutes ago, the commissioner of the nba held a news conference to respond. >> the audio recording posted by "tmz" is truly offensive and disturbing. and we intend to get to the bottom of it as quickly as possible. >> the los angeles chapter of the naacp had been scheduled to give donald sterling a lifetime achievement award at its may 15th banquet. they're now discussing what to do in light of the comments. and 49ers' coach jim h arbaugh is taking on the reports with capper nick's involvement in miami. he was named that police report a woman told police she spent the night partying with him and other players at a miami hotel can then woke up in a hospital. it's being called suspicious. john harbaugh called it a witch hunt and said at some point
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there needs to be a resolution this. the only victim in colin's case is his reputation. he has not been charged with anything. 49ers' general manager trent ball key said that the team plans to keep smith despite his off the field problems. the linebacker ran into trouble again earlier this month at l. a. x. for making an alleged bomb threat. prosecutors decided not to press felony charges but he could still face a misdemeanor for the false report. a mother has been arrested for stabbing her 1-year-old daughter today after she first tried to kill herself. it happened this afternoon inside the regional park near the dam. the 23-year-old woman and her child had gone to the park by themselves. it's not clear what kind of weapon was used or what the motive was for the stabbing. and police in oakland are looking for a driver who hit and killed a man and then drove off. it happened on telegraph avenue near 51st street at 7:30 this morning. and police say the driver got out of the car to check on the man before he got back in the car and drove off.
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they say they are looking for a white audi or infiniti suv. san francisco fire chief joanne hayes white has canceled the reprimand for a firefighter whose rig ran over a taked girl in the tarmac at the airport. the chief mark john soon's tell met camera captured footage of the rig running over the teen. she was still alive when she hilt -- when she was hit by later died. he was accused of unauthorized filming and chief white now says the department didn't have enough evidence to support the reprimand. a stunning sight in the east by skies this morning. brilliant rainbow like colors. it's a somewhat rare sight that happens as hexagonal ice crystals in the clouds refract the sun's rays and then split them into the component colors. it's something like a rainbow caused by high clouds. but you've got to be in just the right place at just the right time to see it.
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if you weren't, at least you've now seen the pictures. to see shotgun unusual -- something unusual, upload the photos at or tag them with the #kpixtv. faced with seemingly no other choice, six flags discovery kingdom puts down an injured elephant. why activists say that didn't have to happen. >> and vandals tear through several bay area neighborhoods in a matter of hours. but police say crime is down. what's going on? ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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six flags' discovery kingdon animal activists are calling for the release of all caged animals at six flags discovery kingdom in vallejo after the park euthanized an elephant. >> mark kelly tells us the protestors plan to hold a vigil outside the park for weeks. >> reporter: inside six flags, the sounds of a good time. outside the amusement park, a somber memorial service for a life that will be missed. >> he's full of energy and way too young. >> i was just mortified by it. >> reporter: earlier this month, we are tee may a female asian elephant at discovery kingdom sighed. ever since the animal rights activists have stood in solidarity. she was a young 34 years orlando and according to the park she suffered a
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nonrecoverable injury in the hind willing. but thed a -- leg. but the advice they have betterie euthanized. the protestors say they had other options rather than killing her. >> many ole haven'ts have even -- elephants have even gone with the blown legs being untreated and in a sanctuary. i have a daughter 34 and if she broke her leg i wouldn't have her euthanized. >> reporter: six flags released this statement, it reads in part -- >> reporter: for families looking to just enjoy a relaxing day at the park, a memorial service for the asian elephant betterie may was not on the itinerary. >> yeah it's a little troublesome. but -- maybe -- at the entrances of a fun place like this protesting. >> it could be in a little dampen on the fun.
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>> reporter: and these protestors aren't stopping anytime soon. they tell me they're going to be here every weekend until the season ends. in vallejo, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> the six flags statement goes on to say safety well-being of our guests and animals and employees are always our highest priority. vandals struck the homes again. this latest incidented happened sometime thursday night or early friday morning and left behind windows shattered by rocks. police say they hit at least 25 different houses and one homeowner told us this is the second time in two weeks he's had to board up broken windows. others razz you can -- others as you can imagine are simply frustrated. >> it just shattered and tempered glass and we were immediately upset. >> the antioch police chief says they've seen a rise in this particular kind of crime. there are plans to add five officers to the force. it's a move aimed at busting the competition.
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the spicy new concept taco bale is about to lunch. >> if you like weather the way you like your salsa. some like it hot. you're going to love what you're about to hear about next week. stay tuned. ,, you gotta reel it up now,buddy. it.creel it up.t up,
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it's early sunday morning and vatican city and you're looking at a live picture of huge crowds of people streaming towards st. peter's square. they want to be there for the
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canonization ceremonies when pope francis declares two popes saints. the mass for the sainthood of john 23rd and -- pope john xxiii gets underway at 1:00 a.m. pacific time. that cobell is plow -- taco bell is planning a more upscale concept. this time they will open a restaurant called u.s. taco in southern california. it will offer several varieties of $4 tacos including pulled pork, smoked brisket and even lobster. and also serve milkshakes with guinness and tequila and habanero steak fries. meanwhile chipotle announced it's raising its prices. okay here's a ride that will make your heart skip a beat. it's not a roller coaster. it's the world's tallest water slide. and that first drop? 168 feet. and get this. it takes just 11 seconds to slide down because you're going 60 miles an hour. the slide is called verakoot
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which is german for insane. oh and let's -- look my script says and speaking of insane -- [ laughter ] >> thanks a lot ann. >> i was just reading what was written for me. >> okay that's right. put this in there for your amusement. starting out with clouds lowering over to northern california skies and slowly sink north. that will bring showers to the bay area probably within about three, four hours just on the county and then slide south as the day goes on. but you can see increasing clouds at the bay bridge. right now the mosts are numberly in the upper 50s. livermore 57 and santa rosa 58 degrees. tomorrow morning if you're up early enough you'll probably get a few residual showers and spread from north to south. south bay stands a better chance tomorrow morning but a chilly start for everybody as we get sunday off too. a brisk start. by the afternoon, we'll get amoles skies and temperature -- mostly sunny skies and temperatures in the mid 6 for the most part and boy -- 60s for the most part and boy there are changes on the horizon.
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the first thing is this low pressure just off of washington state right now. you get rain up in seattle for us that cold front such as it is you can see it dying on the vine as it gets pushed south by the jet stream will spread a few showers over the bay area tonight probably by about 10:00 in show that county. and then -- sonoma county. by 5:00 in the morning just widely scattered showers mostly in the south bay. you can see that most of the action is down south and mostly light at 5:00 in the morning as we continue to run the loop. watch everything clear out. by noon increasing sunshine and plenty of sun by 3:00 in the afternoon. so first wet and then dry and then -- hot. because we're expecting high pressure to build in and bring very warm temperatures inland. with temperatures hitting the low 90s by wednesday around livermore and brentwood and walnut creek. and even at the beach it's going to be in the upper 70s. so it looks like a sunny and warm time ahead after we dispense with the showers tonight. go to partly cloudy for most of the day tomorrow with the airport. a high of 64 degrees. and for the los angeles south lands at 72 and denver's got some showers and 57.
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same for chicago. 55 degrees there. for us we'll look for numbers to be mostly in the mid 60s. 66 in san jose and 62 at heyward and 58 at pacifica. 55 at san mateo. on the east bay numbers of in the -- numbers in the mid 60s and after the showers in the wee small hours in marin county. increasing sunshine tomorrow afternoon and 66 degrees in san rafael. way up north the numbers will be in the mid 60s for the most part too. extended forecast we're going to be looking it can showers in the -- for showers in the early going tomorrow morning then increasing sunshine in the afternoon. look at the numbers warm up. into the upper 830s tuesday into the low 90s wednesday. we keep it there around thursday as we head into next weekend, the numbers will be mostly in the mid 80s to upper 70s so things will cool off after a big heat up in the middle of the week. so expect hot times ahead. but carry the umbrella tonight. ann, vern? >> all righty thank you so much brian. be nice if we would be
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talking about the athletes and the game itself and not this riffraff -- >> well, the owner he's just overshadowed the entire series. now and if that audio is valid, we'll see the real power of the new nba commissioner now huh? fallout reaction is reported and racist comment bus the nba even -- comments by the nba owner and tim lincecum, father? why the giants' pitcher reacted like that. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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female announcer: get three years interest-free financing on brand name mattress sets. plus, get free delivery, and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. sleep train's interest free for 3 event, is ending soon. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ verified, lebron james said 's no place for more donald sterling fallout for his racist comments
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and if verified lebron james said there's no place for the clippers' owner in the nba. kobe bryant tweeted he would never play for the guy. here's charles barkley. >> you can't have this guy making statements like that. he has to suspend him. and fine him immediately. he has to be suspended. you know and the problem i have with it -- if somebody want to be racist that's all right. that's their thing. but when you're in a position of power, and you can take jobs and economic opportunity from people, that's what crosses the line. but we cannot have an nba owner discriminating against a league that we're a black league ernie. we are a black league. i don't know the number but i'd probably say 80% of the players are black. >> all right, on the floor gregg popovich and the spurs up two on dallas with 1.7 left. here we go. >> what's it going to be? it comes into the corner for the win, yes! yes!
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do you believe it? >> yeah. indeed. vince carter -- at the buzzer. wins it for the mavericks dallas goes up 2-1 over the spurs in this series. from that to golf. round three of the swinging skirts, coach at 17. one of "time" magazine's 100 most influential people and doing it at 12. she's in second place. 9 under par chasing stacey lewis. she and cobo shot 4 under 68 but lewis leads by one at 10 under par. lewis and coin the final group tomorrow in -- co in the final group tomorrow in daly city. nhl playoffs, this is big time. san jose sharks game five tonight just moments away. another opportunity to eliminate the l. a. kings. now with the 3-1 series lead. a chance to send their so-cal rivals to early summer
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vacation. odds are in their favor. and their two games at home they've outscored the kings a combined 13-5. one big advantage that loud crowd at s. a. p. center. >> we didn't play a full 60 minutes the way we wanted to. we played pretty well in the third period there. so hopefully build off of that. and play well at home again. that's always exciting coming home and with our fans are going to be excited. it's going to be loud and here. so -- >> we're going into the cage. >> you like that? >> pardon? >> do you like that? >> changes are a good thing. [ laughter ] >> yeah thank you coach. chiara the cats' 6'9" and he and boston were huge in closing out detroit. tied in one of the second. chiara with a one timer. bruins and red wings that series is over. they shake hand. 4-2 victory today and they'll play rival montreal in the next
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round. baseball. the a's trailed the astros 6-3 in the 7th. story on the late show as the giants, well they tapped all the emotion today. replica 1954 world series ring giveaways. tim lincecum down 2-0 in the 5th. stares down nick swisher and nick did not blink. former athletic roped one to hunter pence couldn't handle it. the tribe up 3-0. how did tim feel about it? how did tim feel about it? yeah. here's your answer. didn't make it out of the 5th. nine hits and three runs but the offense picked him up. gregor blanco on the board with a single. hunter pence into right field. uh-oh. here come the giants coming -- from behind to lead 4-3. and then 6th inning, mr. big time. buster posey back away. he gone. his fifth of the year and the giants extended their lead to 355-3. bring on -- 5-3. bring
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on the closer, search owe moe row. -- sergio romo and he gets the groundout to crawford to end it. the giants win it and go for the sweep tomorrow. and on this day 1989, kevin mitchell -- incredible one handed catch. can you believe that? here it is again. that is a thing of beauty. and i'll tell you story years later, he was the manager of a minor league team up in santa rosa and i asked him to do it. went ahead and did it again like it was nothing. >> wow. >> that was terry kennedy behind the plate by the way. catcher. >> you looked that up? >> tk with a home plate view of it. >> there you go. that was amazing. >> great grab. >> thank you so much. thank you vern, as he mentioned the worm's top female -- world's top female golfers are in town. most don't wear skirts on the town but that's -- course but that's part of the name. why it's raising some eyebrows and the surprising answers to
6:57 pm
why it's called that. >> mike sugerman is on the story and has a good tale to tell us all and not exactly what we think it is. >> no. >> that's going to do it for us at 6:30. see you again at 11:00 though. until then your latest news and weather is always on [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ] ,,,, really... so our business can be on at&t's network for $175 dollars a month?
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>> hey everybody, welcome to california bountiful. i'm your host tracy. and you know this time of year it's a little chili thus the jacket and turtle neck but one place that's always hot is the farmers market. and this time they're really rooting for us to try california's best. [music] >> today is our root celebration. so we're celebrating roots in the sense we have all the different roots from the market, to the classroom. >> so this purple top turnip is actually cabbage flavor and it's good for steamed, roasted and stews. >> to encourage people to explore more with roots and just get familiar with it so when they see it in the farmers


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